vrijdag, juli 01, 2005

The eBay effect

The eBay effect About "The eBay Effect" A CNBC Original Documentary "The eBay Effect - Inside a Worldwide Obsession" is the latest production from the Peabody Award winning CNBC Documentary team and reporter David Faber. It's an unprecedented look at the eBay you don't know, with exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the world's leading online commerce site. An estimated 1.8 billion items, worth approximately $40 billion, are expected to be traded this year on this global electronic marketplace. If eBay employed the 430,000 people who earn an income selling on its site, it would be the nation's number two private sector employer. How did this company, just shy of its 10th birthday, change the fortunes of so many? On the flip side, "The eBay Effect" also examines why some former users feel betrayed and have deserted the popular auction site. Faber delves into claims of fraud and outrage over fee increases and other controversies surrounding this juggernaut. "The eBay Effect - Inside a Worldwide Obsession" premieres Wednesday, June 29th at 8 and 11 pm Eastern on CNBC.

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