woensdag, juni 29, 2005

Open source of niet

Het al dan niet open stellen voor opensource development van software werkt natuurlijk twee kanten op. Ik lees net op Auctionbytes dat Craigslist een nationale zoekmachine gebouwd door een externe ontwikkelaar verboden heeft. Reden: Craigslist is juist sterk op regionaal gebied. Nationale zoekmachines zouden craigslist dan overbodig kunnen maken in de toekomst. Lees hier de brief die Jeff Atwood gekregen heeft van Craigslist: link Persoonlijk ben ik het wel met onderstaand artikel op ZDNET eens. Artikel op ZDNET This week eBay launched its previously-announced eBay Community Codebase. The service, hosted by CollabNet, lets developers enhance eBay in a variety of directions. There's now an eBay toolbar for Firefox, for instance, and a TiVo plug-in. All well and good. But when you open yourself up to open source developers it's a two-way street. There are going to be some ideas you don't like. Here's one. It's a national search function for Craigslist, now 25% owned by eBay. It's a natural extension, but Craigslist has ordered it shut down, claiming they're all about the local. The developer did, and that may be the end of the story. But it should not end the discussion. I fear many companies tip-toeing into the open source world expect this to be a one-way street. That is, you write stuff that I like and I'll take all the benefit, plus I'll control what you write at the same time. Life doesn't work that way. When you open yourself up to third parties, you open yourself up. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the open source kitchen.

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