woensdag, juni 29, 2005

Yahoo komt met zoekmachine voor sociale netwerken

Van Marketwatch: Yahoo (YHOO, Trade) on Tuesday quietly introduced a beta site of what it calls a "social search engine." It's in very early stages, according to Yahoo, and can be accessed at My Web 2.0 for a limited number of users. The social search engine is designed to enable searchers to scour the knowledge and expertise of their friends in their social networks, in addition to the Web. For example, if someone is looking for a new computer, or plasma TV, or sporting gear, they'd typically ask a friend for a recommendation. But by aggregating those recommendations into a database, a person could search for recommendations without even speaking to a friend. Such is the idea behind Yahoo's social search engine. Indeed, the power of social networks is derived from the collective knowledge that comes from them. When Friendster introduced social networks back in the fall of 2003, the service was mainly about friends' collective knowledge of friends. Friends recommended their friends to other friends. Essentially, it was a place to meet and network.

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