vrijdag, juni 03, 2005

Change of drinking environment?

Hi all, Is there a substitite for the King? Would that be possible? Is that morally excepted? Wouldn’t it be like collaborating with the enemy? Is this ethically defensible? Wouldn’t it be like cheating on your wife (husband/girl- or boy-friend)? What would Jeff Skoll do in this situation? ……... As the dutch say 'Change of food does eat' (Verandering van spijs doet eten). Also dutch would be: 'if you cant beat them, join them. Where can I get those nice brown shirts?' Plenty of reasons to get a drink, question is where. To Sing or to Sing, that’s the questions. Lets have a referendum on it and see what the ppls opinion is. All in favor for change of drinking enviroment say 'Yey' all against say 'Ney' Btw, product pays for the first rounds, so be there. Cheers, Michiel Tip voor vandaag: Amsterdam culinair

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