donderdag, augustus 11, 2005

eBay bouwt nieuw onderkomen in China

eBay Increases Investment In China, Building Its Largest Site Overseas eBay China site of 30,000 square meters to be built in Pudong Software Park July 28, 2005, Shanghai – eBay, the leading trade website in the world, announced in Shanghai today that it is going to invest heavily to build its China site with an occupancy area of 30,000 square meters. eBay China site is going to be located in Pudong Software Park of Zhangjiang High-Tech Park. Mr. Zheng Xigui, COO of eBay Eachnet, signed Agreement for Cooperation with representative of Zhangjiang High-Tech Park. The site to be built will be bigger than eBay Germany site to become the largest one overseas and will be only inferior to the headquarters in San Jose, USA. This is another major investment by eBay in China, following the 100 million US Dollar investments declared by eBay at the beginning of the year. It once again demonstrates eBay’s confidence in China market and is an important move by eBay to fulfil its long-term commitments to China market. Currently, e-commerce in China is developing rapidly, causing great changes to people’s life. E-commerce is gradually becoming an indispensable part of modern society. At the beginning of the year, Chinese government formally released set of documents in order to help accelerate growth of e-commerce in China. Seeing the great potentials in this market, eBay which always has long-term commitments to China market will continuously invest in China by bringing in new management ideas, business models, technologies and funds so as to help develop e-commerce in China. At the end of July of 2004, eBay, for the first time outside USA, established its overseas research and development center in Shanghai, responsible for R&D of some global projects as well as of new products. At the beginning of 2005, Meg Whitman, President and CEO of eBay, announced the company’s 100 million dollar investment plan in China for the year. In July 2005, eBay brought PayPal into China, which will be integrated into eBay Eachnet platform before September. All these prove that eBay is consistently fulfilling its commitments to China market. When talking about the recent investment to build eBay China site, Mr. Jay Lee said, “eBay has made big progress in China market. We are very optimistic about the future of China market as well. As Ms Meg Whitman, President and CEO of eBay, mentioned at numerous occasions in the year, China market is very important and has a lot of room for growth. eBay will go on with its investment in China to honour its long-term commitments to China market. The building of eBay China site is another evidence to show that eBay will spare no effort to grow in China market and to serve its users.” Industry professionals speak very highly of the move by eBay. Ms Song Ling, Chairwoman of China Electronic Commerce Association, made the following comments, “Internet grows very quickly in China. By end of Q2, number of internet users exceeded 100 million to hit 103 million. With the growth of internet, China’s e-commerce picks up quickly and has got into fairly good shape. Witnessing the good conditions of the macro economy, many e-business companies, including well-known international companies like eBay, have increased their investment in China and have started substantial implementations. It is my belief that such investments will contribute to the development of e-commence platform in China and will speed up integration and growth of e-commerce as an industry.” It is reported that eBay China site will include five to six buildings to be built up consecutively. The whole site will be completed for use in 2007. eBay Eachnet, eBay China R&D Center, Customer Service Sector will all plan to move into the new site upon its completion.

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