dinsdag, juni 21, 2005

Paypal lanceert Website Payments Pro

Zoals veel andere partijen al geschreven hebben over Google wallet, link & link, is het feit dat Paypal gister een aantal interesante nieuwe functies introduceerde helemaal aan deze blogs voorbij gegaan. Wat is er nieuw? Het volgende is geintroduceert: Website Payments Pro In dit programma zitten drie nieuwe functionaliteiten:
  1. Express Checkout
  2. Direct Payment application programming interface (API)
  3. Virtual Terminal

Express Checkout

Express Checkout helps buyers with PayPal accounts pay for items in just three clicks on a merchant's Web site. The buyer initiates and approves PayPal payment earlier in the checkout process, and shipping and billing information is sent immediately from PayPal to the merchant Web site.

Direct Payment application programming interface (API)

For buyers who don't have PayPal accounts, Direct Payment API lets merchants accept credit card transactions just as they would with traditional merchant accounts. The buyers simply enter their credit card details directly on the merchant Web site. Payments are processed through the PayPal system on the back end, and PayPal remains invisible to the buyers.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal, a new feature that supports phone, fax and mail orders by providing merchants with an online interface to manually enter credit card transactions through the PayPal system.

De nieuwe service gaat $20,- per maand kosten.

Volgens Paypal zal dit veel voordelen hebben voor kleine verkopers en kleinere webwinkels.

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