donderdag, mei 19, 2005

Xbox 360 faceplates start trading on eBay

Gelimiteerde oplages van de 'Faceplates' van de nog te introduceren nieuwe X-box worden nu al verhandeld op enige uren na een launch party van Microsoft. Bron: LOS ANGELES - Limited edition faceplates for Microsoft’s yet-to-be released Xbox 360 gaming console began appearing on online marketplace eBay yesterday, hours after the software giant hosted a major launch party for its new gaming console. The "E3" faceplate, made for the Xbox 360’s unveiling at the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this week, was being bid as high at US$165 on eBay, despite the fact that it will be at least five months before users get their hands on the successor to the first Xbox. "It just shows they’re dying to get their hands on the 360," said Microsoft spokeswoman Molly O’Donnell. Only 5,000 of the white-and-silver faceplates, designed with thin green circle lines, were handed out at the event. The Xbox, which will feature three PowerPC-based microprocessors and a detachable 20-gigabyte hard drive, was designed so that the plain front faceplate can be removed and replaced with other colors and styles.

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