donderdag, april 21, 2005

Zeer zeldzame Leica verzameling

Bron: THIS IS A FOURTH IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY !!! I guess you still remember the other collections which I have offered at e-Bay for about one and a half year ago.The first one was the "world famous" set of 35 COMMEMORATIVE LEICA M 6 MODELS which has been sold to a very fortunate person !!! The second one contained 12 different versions (as did the third) and those ones were sold to a museum actually and again another fortunate customer. I know for sure that you'll never have this last opportunity (and this is really the last time !!) to be able to buy such a Leica "gallery of cameras" again. The set I am now offering is not one with M 6’s but is one which contains M 7’s.For about a year ago Leica made special M 7 “Test Cameras” and on these cameras a flag of the country was placed.The “bigger” countries like the US had put an order of 100 of these cameras at Leica;but for instance Brasil only made two of which only one (and the one Iam offering is the one !!) was offered to the public !! Have made a note of the total of cameras which were produced of the “flags” (numbers of total are stated by Leica and can be forwarded upon demand) offered with every picture of that camera. As you can understand finding one or two of these cameras should be no problem;but a united group of these cameras is a truely unique Leica piece.An absolute impossible task to find such a collection again and even to try and start one !! Am offering these cameras to you for a price which is ofcourse also more intresting for you as a buyer since I sell them all at once.Cameras are not for sale separately;"only" the complete collection is for sale. Please feel free to leave me a mail when you might have got any further questions or remarks about the Leica cameras or lenses I’ll be happy to answer them for you !! As an official Leica dealer I can answer you these questions without any problem !! EUROPEAN BIDDERS PLEASE ADD 19% TAXES !!!

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